Saturday, January 2, 2010

Drag and Drop data from EXCEL into APEX

Often users you want to edit data inside EXCEL spreadsheet and then upload the data into some application. Often users download data into EXCEL and manipulate the data local.

We got a request from a customer who wanted to download data into EXCEL and maintain the data local and then the user wanted to update the data into the database again. Reason for this requirement was that inside EXCEL he wanted to cut and past columns of data into the spreadsheet from other spreadsheets.

We made an application which the customer could do the following:

  • Download data to EXCEL and maintain data local

  • Drag and Drop data direct into APEX application

  • Cut & Paste data direct into APEX application

  • Edit data before submit of data into database

  • Highlite rows which was uploaded

  • Validate data

  • Upload lots of data (many MB of data)

We think this feature is cool and makes it very easy to manipulate data local with the features EXCEL can offer. We made a "Draqg And Drop" region inside the APEX page where the data i past and dragged. Thanks to Stephen & Sara which made this possible.

Requirements for the demo application to work is that you must drag and drop 5 columns from excel since the application require 5 columns and column 4 must be number.

you can try the demo application here


Martin Giffy D'Souza said...

Hi Jon,

This is very impressive! I can see how this would be very beneficial to some customers.

Will you be posting the source code for the drag & drop region?


Jon Trøstheim said...

Hi Martin

We have made this for a customer and we don't have any rights to do that, sorry about that..

Louis-Guillaume Carrier-Bédard said...

Nice work!