Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to setup slideshow on your APEX page

If you are looking for slideshow setup on your APEX page which works well i Firefox and IE (version 6 and 7) and is very easy to install then maybe you should look at Jon Raasch at
It takes you just minuts to setup this software. I was first using JQuery PikaChoose
on my page but i run into trouble when using older jquery.js than jquery-1.2.6. I had to use the older version of jquery.js because of pulldown menus on my page ,the older version and PikaChoose slideshow did not function well in IE6, then i found Jon Raasch slideshow and this worked well with the older jquery.js library. You can have a look at how it works here.

In the HTML Header section of your page insert the following javascript and CSS setup:

Create a "HTML region" in the position on the page where you want the slideshow should be displayed and insert the HTML code below in the source column:

In the code above i have uploaded 3 images as workspace images into the database and used these in the slide show. You can adjust the interval between changing the images in the setInterval function.

Thats it, simple and easy.